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These activity worksheets and other resources are a great way to bring clean energy conversations into the classroom or your home! Most of the activities can be modified for a wide range of age groups. Feel free to use these ideas and let me know if you have suggestions or questions.


Solar Bristlebots

Feel the power of the sun.

Feel the power of the sun with the Solar Bristlebot! Kids love coming up with their own style and feeling the bot vibrate in their hands. The bristle bots move around pretty well especially compared with other solar toys. 

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Worksheets, puzzles etc.

Susie Color Page & Word Find

Coloring is fun!

Coloring helps children develop fine motor skills. Word finds are fun as well.  Feel free to print share and distribute  in unaltered form. 

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Clean Energy Invention

Limitless posibilities

Activity centered around drawing and describing a clean energy invention or adapatation. Takes about 1 hour, but less time can be used if you do not require the kids to write their responses. Also works if you send the drawing sheet home and let the kids brainstorm and bring it back later for discussion. 

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