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My name is Stanley Minnick and I love teaching people of all ages about clean energy. In addition to the a game and book I've posted a few educational resources on the site that I've used in K-5 clean energy clubs in the past. Please feel free to modify and share anything posted on the educational resources page.


With the help of Kickstarter supporters I was able to produce the first edition of Clean Energy Empire, the card game, in 2014. The second edition was released in June of 2015 with significant improvements. Clean Energy Empire is a fun game for families, energy professionals, educators, and game enthusiasts.


Created in 2015, Susie the Solar Salamander is available in kindle or paperback edition. Geared towards a younger crowd than the card game, the bright illustrations and cute story help young kids learn more about solar on a farm. 

Posing with the boys in front of our solar array. 

Early sketch of Suise the Solar Salamander (by Tanya Gupta)

If you have any questions or suggestions I'd love to hear them! For information on fundraising, wholesale, or educational discounts please email or use this form. 

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Clean Energy Invention Activity

Activity centered around drawing and describing a clean energy invention or adapatation. Takes about 1 hour, but less time can be used if you do not require the kids to write their responses. Also works if you send the drawing sheet home and let the kids brainstorm and bring it back later for discussion.

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