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Clean Energy Creatures is an action packed platformer video game about cute, disc-golf loving, alien creatures summoned to earth to install solar panels, battle the Coal Baron and survive the impacts of climate disasters along the way. 

My name is Stanley Minnick, and I have been involved in clean energy for more than a decade, helping homeowners, farmers, & communities adopt clean energy in the US, primarily in Wisconsin. Most of my career has focused on solar and the "solar coaster"—has been exhilarating, fun, and, at times, scary. I like to make products that draw on my experience at work and my experience playing all sorts of games for as long as I can remember.

Having fun, creative projects to work on helps settle my mind and provide a welcome break from thinking about the day's stresses. These projects are a lot like knitting, but instead of sweaters, I make games and things that I hope bring others joy.

Previous Projects:

In 2014, with the help of Kickstarter supporters I was able to produce the first edition of Clean Energy Empire, the Card Game. The second edition was released in June of 2015 with significant improvements. Clean Energy Empire is a fun game for families, energy professionals, educators, and game enthusiasts.


Created in 2015, Susie the Solar Salamander is a children’s book available in kindle or paperback edition. Geared towards a younger crowd than the card game, the bright illustrations and cute story helps young kids learn more about solar on a farm.

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